Printing process - water transfer printing

The printing process is much easier as expected. Download our training film and learn all the necessary steps in detail.

1. Designs

Choose from our - currently more than 500 - standard designs. Or let us print an individual film for you based on your own created template.

2. Pretreatment

If necessary, the parts need to be base coated in an according color (e.g. brown for parts which should obtain wood décor).

3. Preparation of the film

The printing film will be laid out on the water surface of the dipping basin. The carrier substance dissolves and releases just the design on the water surface.

4. Activation
The decor now will be treated with a special activator in order to release the printed colors, which will remain as an oily film on the water surface. The design remains unaffected.

5. Transfer
The parts to be coated will be immersed through the layer of the liquefied design. The parts will be covered uniformly and all around. The process of complete coating without any gaps is caused by the pressure of the water. The desired look is created. 

6. Washing and drying
The printed parts will be washed in order to remove film and color residues. After washing procedure the parts will be dried. 

7. Clear coat 
After a final quality inspection, the printed parts will be treated with a clear coating and a polishing to protect the surface. The parts will now meet highest demands in view of quality and abrasion resistance. 

Download a training video and see how simple the water transfer printing procedure is